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Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle and nonsurgical method to remove the

accumulation of fat deposits in specific regions of the body. It is one of

the safest methods for removing double chin, and fat around the waist,

inner thigh and abdomen, under the upper arms, knees and ankles. It is

also an extremely e?ective method for combatting cellulite. Lipolysis is

used to improve the e?ects of dieting and exercise.



The results vary according to the patient’s age, skin type, weight and

lifestyle. Some people see results immediately, whereas others notice a

gradual change over a period of weeks or months.

Since Lipolysis is e?ective in dissolving surplus fat and helping the body

to block fat storage, the results are permanent. Improved blood flow

to the targeted areas and the enhancement of lymphatic drainage,

combined with the removal of fibrotic tissue result in a visible reduction

of the orange peel e?ect associated with CELLULITE.

People who are committed to a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a

balanced diet should experience long term improvement.



Since it is a noninvasive procedure, patients can return to work

immediately after the treatment.

• Hot showers and baths should be avoided for eight hours after


• Refrain from excessive exercising and massages for the first week after


• It is a relatively painless procedure although patients may experience

discomfort from the initial injection pricks. Light swelling, redness and

a burning sensation may be experienced at the targeted areas for one

to four days. Light bruises will disappear within a week.

• In rare cases, some hardening may occur (deep haematomas, bruises),

but these disappear by themselves after 2-6 weeks.

Altogether, the therapy can be regarded as low in side-e?ects. If a person

has a low pain threshold it is recommended that the patient take a light

pain killer after the treatment.

important facts

• Lipolysis contains no animal products.

• It is not a hormonal treatment and contain no hormones.

• It is not a medical treatment and falls into the mesotherapy range of  treatments.



The technique has been successfully applied in the treatment of more than 8500 patients in Latin America

without any complications or side e?ects. According to a study conducted and published in the Aesthetic Surgery

Journal in 2006, 88% of the 17, 376 patients treated from 17 di?erent countries were satisfied with the results

of Lipolysis.



People who would like to remove small to medium size fat pockets in

targeted areas of the body, but don’t want to undergo surgery. Pregnant

or breast feeding women, as well as anyone who is allergic to soy, has

stroke histories or those who recently recovered from cancer, those with

a blood clotting history, as well as those on heart disease medication,

should not consider the treatment. People with iodine or ca?eine

allergies should not use the cocktail.



The initial consultation takes more or less 30 minutes. The follow up

procedures take only a few minutes, depending on the amount of

injections needed.


IS injecting lipolysis treatment painful?

As there are few nerve fibres in the subcutaneous tissue, the injections are not painful. Patients only feel a slight

initial prick and, for the first 2 hours, a slight sensation of itching and burning. Only 4% of all patients need a

pain-killing tablet on the first night after treatment.


What makes lipogon different to ordinary lipolysis?

Our injections consist of two components, LipoGon Active and LipoGon

Cocktail. This cocktail is what sets us apart from ordinary Lipolysis injections.

LipoGon Active is made up of:

Phosphatidylcholine (PPC): To crack the membrane of the fat cells in the

treated zone and for the outpouring of their

content into the surrounding tissue.

Deoxycholate (DC) saline: keeps PPC in a soluble, injectable state.

LipoGon Cocktail consists of 4 ingredients to speed up fat metabolism,

general metabolism and movement of the emulsified fat into the lymph

system. This is made up from:

Butchersbroom: Improves blood circulation and acts as a diuretic

and laxative.

Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus): Stimulation of the thyroid gland as a

treatment for obesity and cellulite.

Ca?eine: Improves cell metabolism.

Carnitine: Improves cell metabolism.

Lipogon is a fat treatment so would need a slimming block? Can you create this? If not please let me know. Thought if you could then just put in the catalogue I just sent then it is all the info needed… treatment price is R350 per area depending on injections used. Time: depends on how many areas. If you can’t put in catalogue then here is a short caption – Lipogon is a safe, effective and gentle method to sculpt away resistant fat deposits in targeted regions of your body.


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