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Pretty day makeup  R300

Evening function makeup  R350

Evening makeup incl. half lash extensions  R450

Matric glamour makeup  R300

Matric glamour makeup incl. half lash extensions  R400

Bridal trial makeup  R150

Bridal final makeup  R500

Brides makeup incl. half lash extensions  R600

Bridal makeup trial makeup  R150

Bridal party adults  R300

Bridal flower girls  R50

Fantasy makeup on request


All bridal makeup to be paid in full prior to final wedding date thank you.

Make-up salon brand : MUD professional make-up designory


Airbrush makeup

Trial makeup: R250

Special occasion: R650

Bridal: R850

Bridal party: R650

Flower girls [ under 13yrs ]: R250

Tattoo cover up with airbrush makeup: price on request


Permanent Mascara

Mascara is professionally applied by a qualified therapist and lasts for between 3 – 4 weeks. Encourages natural lash growth. R350 per treatment.

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