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What is it? Aesthetic anti-aging mesotherapy or mesolift is a biologically active treatment that globally targets the consequences of skin ageing and also the causes. This intervention/ operation can be applied to all skin types for current ageing signs or for prevention of ageing. The treatment has no risk and is practically pain free with no need for post treatment. The treatment is carried out either manually or with a mesotherapy gun.


Treatment zones: -

Dull skins with loss of brightness: face

Dehydration : neck

Sagging skin: décolleté

Loss of density : hands

Loss of tonicity : cleavage area

Loss of suppleness : inner thighs or arms

Excessive sun exposure : abdomen


Rapidly visible results:

It offers patients natural progressive results. The results are visible from the first session, the skin is more hydrated and toned. In the long term the skin tone becomes progressively more radiant and even. The skin is restructured, more dense and firmer. The face is visibly rejuvenated.

Costs: R1650 per treatment and time: 20 min

Enjoy this highly sought after treatment at Karma Spa!

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